Offering Wholesale Pricing

The Auction Car buying Process is SIMPLE!

First let us know any of the following: 

1. Price and type of car (coupe, sedan, SUV, or truck) you are interested in 

2. Year, make and model(preferred) 

We will provide: 

1. A list of the available cars.

2. We will tell you if your car will pass Smog. 

3. A realistic upfront price for the car, which includes registration and taxes.


Southbay Auto Auction

Located in Gardena, Ca

You have a chance to see the car or get in the car between the hours of 7:30am-9:30am

You will be able to check out the car with our expert mechanic before the auction starts that morning.


Autonation Auto Auction

Friday morning at 9am you will be able to come into our Office and watch the auction on live stream to see if your car has won.

You will not be able to physically see the cars before you purchase at Friday Auction.

They have a list of available cars at: